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Kenn Fischburg &
Daughter Jessica
Consumers Interstate
has been a
family run business
since 1947.

A strategic service of Consumers Interstate Corporation
Eliminating wasted activities to procure business supplies
Have you looked closely at the procurement of the thousands of office, janitorial, mro and other expense items? Do you enjoy a Lean process that provides up to date usage data? Is your procurement of supplies in total control? .
The products: janitorial, office, safety, food service, packaging & MRO.
The objectives: reducing your costs & saving time
The strategy: eliminating wasted steps in your procurement of supplies
Lowering product costs with contracts & innovative products
The result: a better method, patented by Consumers Interstate Corporation
A powerful solution: We do the work.
US Trademarked Internet Procurement Method
Where does it fit into Lean Manufacturing
What is the objective of Lean Procurement
How Lean is your Procurement?
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